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Austin Weaver
ISBN: 1617101702
Date of Publication: 2012
Size: 9.5 x 10.5
Pages: 28
Binding: Cloth

A heartwarming story of a little boy and his friendship with a coconut named Bob. This little boy took Bob everywhere with him...until one sunny day, while sailing with the little boy and the little boy's father, Bob was washed overboard during a storm. At this point, the story is told from the view of "Bob" the coconut. It uncovers Bob's journey from floating in the ocean, to landing on the shores of a remote island that he makes his new home. A unique tale that explores the possibility that all living things have a connection. This tale has an unexpected, uplifting ending that will touch the heart of all ages.

The most unique aspect of A Coconut Named Bob is that it was written by Austin Weaver when he was just thirteen years old. Now sixteen, he is a published author and is residing in Colorado Springs.

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