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Neal L. Evenhuis and Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro, editors
ISBN: 1-58178-022-2
Date of Publication: 2004
Size: 7 X 10
Pages: 232
Binding: paper

D. Elmo Hardy was "one of the last polymaths of Diptera Systematics." Over the nearly 7 decades of active research, Elmo named and described nearly 2,000 species in 34 different families of Diptera. These were published in 437 articles and notes. Elmo may be considered the "father of Hawaiian Dipterology" and has inspired the research of many students of Diptera systematics. The collection of articles in this volume is a celebration of Elmo's achievements in the taxonomy and systematics of flies from the Asia-Pacific Region. In this volume: - Biography of D. Elmo Hardy (1915-2002) - Pipunculidae Research by Elmo Hardy: Another Founding Event on the Hawaiian Islands - Alishania, a New Genus with Remarkable Female Terminalia from Taiwan - Humongochela, a New Genus of Waterfall-Loving Flies from the Marquesas Islands - Sex, Flies, and the Genetic Consequences of Small Population Size - Host Alternation by Gall Midges of the Genus Asphondylia - New Species and New Records of Tephritide (Diptera) from New Caledonia - Bibionidae (Diptera) of New Caledonia - A Revision of the Shore-fly Genus Timerogastra Hendel - Phylogeny and Population Genetics of Hawaiian Drosophilids: Impact on Evolutionary Biology - Phylogenetic Relationships Within the Drosophila haleakalae Species Group Inferred by Molecular and Morphological Characters - Insects Associated with Fruits of the Oleaceae (Asteridae, Lamiales) in Kenya - Biogeography and Speciation in the Dacini (Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacinae) - Bibliography of and Taxa Described by D. Elmo Hardy

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