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Stephen Myhre
ISBN: 978-0-14-300997-9
Date of Publication: 1987
Size: 9.5 x 7.5
Pages: 116
Binding: Paper

In Bone Carving, Stephen Myhre has drawn with great sensitivity on techniques and styles of carving from a wide range of Pacific cultures, but particularly Maori. The result is a superb practical handbook for anyone embarking upon this rapidly growing craft. The book provides what the author calls a "skillbase" - a reliable set of practices and attitudes that can successfully produce bone carvings of great functional and aesthetic beauty.

Bone Carving describes and illustrates the materials, tools and techniques, explaining every stage from roughing out to final polishing and mounting, in a clear, strongly personalised style. The author stresses throughout the importance of good design and the development of patient as parts of the skillbase - and the need for integrity. The carver, he says, should respect the old traditions and be sensitive to the cultural significance of the forms being used.

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