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Sven Wahlroos
ISBN: 978-0-8248-3473-9
Date of Publication: 2003
Size: 6.2 x 9.25
Pages: 726
Binding: hard cover

Dr. Wahlroos has visited all Polynesian island groups and has a depp knowledge of their history and culture. In his opinion, there is no finer manifestation of humankind than a Polynesian. He is especially grateful for the extraordinary kindness and hospitality he has experienced in Tahiti and her surrounding islands. This dictionary is both a legacy (which took 37 years to complete) and a pure work of love. Dr. Wahlroos has refused all royalties or other financial gains connected with the Dictionary-all proceeds will go to the republication and, if possible, to lowering the price of the book for Tahitian churches (steadfast guardians of the Tahitian language) and Tahitian cultural organizations.

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