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Hawaii Cooks with Spam
By: Muriel Miura
ISBN: 1566478537
Date of Publication: 2008
Size: 6.5 x 9
Pages: 136
Binding: paper

Hawaii loves to eat SPAM! Hawaii Cooks with SPAM celebrates our favorite food with dozens of recipes collected by celebrated food lover and cookbook author Muriel Miura. These treasured SPAM recipes will warm your hearts, satisfy your cravings, and delight your family and friends, and all are easy to prepare. In this beautifully illustrated book, you'll find scrumptious dishes for any occasion; from tailgate parties to dinner parties, from picnics to luau. Not only are these recipes versatile and delicious, all of them feature the flavors and accents of Hawaii's rich cultural mix. Chow down on Classic SPAM Musubi; treat yourself to a bowl of zesty SPAM balaya; begin your day with hearty SPAM Breakfast Quesadillas; impress your guests with delicate and tasty SPAM Goi Cuon summer rolls. These recipes are perfect for beginners and experienced chefs alike, and all are sure to satisfy the hungry SPAM lovers in your life!

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