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J. Halley Cox, with Edward Stasack
ISBN: 0-910240-09-4
Date of Publication: 1970
Size: 8 x 9.5
Pages: 108
Binding: paper

In comparison with other Polynesians, Hawaiians were far more prolific with the production of petroglyphs. Some are found in almost every Polynesian area, some more elaborate and more expertly executed than those in Hawai'i, but nowhere in the Pacfic are there fields so extensive in size or so heavily covered with markings as those in the Hawaiian Islands, particularly on the island of Hawai'i. This best-selling book explores Hawaiian petroglyphs from the perspectives of archaeology, ethnography, and art. All the known petroglyph sites in the Hawaiian Islands are documented, combining vivid photos, illustrations, and maps with comprehensive, accurate descriptions.

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