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The Hawaiian Quilt - The Tradition Continues
By: Poakalani Serrao, John Serrao, Raelene Correia, and Cissy Serrao
ISBN: 1566478359
Date of Publication: 2007
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 112 Binding: paper

Continuing their commitment and legacy to Hawaii's treasured art, the Poakalani family and their students display precious quilts and bare personal stories in this colorful collection of artistic masterpieces. These pages are brimming with island styles and techniques sure to inspire quilt-makers from all over.

Though quilting is universal, the Hawaiian quilt is unique. Featured designs, like the koi and griffin, reflect a quilt-maker's individuality, while other patterns, such as the ipu, ti, and ulu, emerge from the beauty and traditions of old Hawaii. Each quilt pictured is one-of-a-kind and was made in the oldstyle of quilting - by hand and stitch-by-stitch. All emulate the poetry of the Hawaiian language and the rich culture of the Islands today. Quilt lovers will delight in the wide array of depictions and colors that spur the imagination and present enticingly different concepts and ideas.

In addition to enjoying a showcase of masterpiece quilts, get ready to thread your needle and follow any one of the more than two dozen original stencils and patterns provided by John Poakalani. Included as well are a detailed supply list, glossary, and instructions. Quilt makers will find the endless variations of these Hawaiian quilts exciting and be lured to try the many stitches, folds, and techniques presented within.

Experience an ancient tradition and become a part of the quilting circle of Hawaii - one of sharing, caring, and encouragement.

About the Author

Poakalani and John Serrao are both from a long tradition of Hawaiian quilting in their respective families. Poakalani was raised by her maternal grandmother, who was a master quilter and designer. John grew up watching his mother and grandmother quilt and design Hawaiian quilts. While it was not of great interest to him at the time, the art form would later become an integral part of his life. As his wife mastered the art and began teaching her own classes, he would often assist and has now become a master of Hawaiian quilt design. Together and with other members of their family, they formed Poakalani & Company with the mission to preserve, perpetuate, and teach the art of Hawaiian quilting. Quilting teacher Raelene Correia focuses on maintaining the integrity of the art form by keeping the quilting classes within the traditional and cultural framework on which they were founded. Cissy Serrao has been teaching alongside her parents for the past 16 years and has had several articles on the art of Hawaiian quilting published in various quilting magazines and books. She has also developed Poakalani & Company's website on the Internet, which has since become an important Hawaiian quilting resource. Visit Poakalani & Company at www.poakalani.com

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